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Builds Muscle

Better nitrogen retention and protein synthesis results in significant gains in lean muscle and quicker recovery.

Boosts Libido

Known to increase sex drive while enhancing performance. Also reduces stress and improves general well being.


Increases Strength

Powerful anabolic formula boosts strength and stamina, and leads to better focus in the gym to surpass plateaus.

Cuts Fat

Melts stubborn subcutaneous and visceral fat which makes Andriol ideal for cutting in addition to clean bulking.

Understanding Andriol

If you have ever heard athletes and bodybuilders discussing anabolic steroids in the gym, you may wonder whether taking them is such a good idea. After all, steroids are associated with social stigma, and there are reports of people experiencing many adverse side effects. Fortunately, Andriol for sale has minimal side effects, it is very mild, and most people tolerate it well.

What Is It, Exactly?

Andriol for sale is essentially an oral form of testosterone undecanoate that is available in a 40mg oil-based tablet. Scientists developed it in the 1980s, and it is common today when treating medically valid cases of low testosterone in men. This condition causes a number of ill effects, including fatigue, erectile dysfunction, and low libido, among others. The steroid helps replace natural testosterone in the body, alleviating the symptoms and allowing affected men to enjoy normal lives once again. As such, there are also some benefits for athletes, particularly when it comes to energy, endurance, and stamina during workouts.

Using Andriol

Andriol for sale is available as a 40mg preparation, and while this dose a few times per day is perfect for everyday medical use, athletes must often use more. As such, individuals often take up to 240mg per day over the course of several weeks, and while the product alone adds muscle very slowly, it provides outstanding nitrogen retention and androgenic properties. This means it works well in stacks and offers endurance, strength, and faster recovery after workouts than anabolic steroids alone. It is also safe to combine creatine with Andriol, which can lead to firmer, longer-lived, higher-quality gains.  


Is It Safe?

Overall, and especially when compared to other anabolic steroids, Andriol is relatively safe. It does not pass through the liver, so liver toxicity is not a concern. However, with prolonged use in large doses, the androgenic effects become noticeable. One of the most prominent side effects is gynecomastia, or a condition in which men develop breast tissue. These side effects are mitigatable with medications that prevent the steroid from converting to estrogen in the body known as aromatase inhibitors. Use as little as possible for the shortest time possible in order to avoid the more serious side effects.

How Much to Use

Men using Andriol to treat physician-diagnosed low testosterone (low-T) take between 120 and 160mg per day, on average. They maintain this dose for up to four weeks, and then begin a maintenance program requiring 40 to 120mg per day every day. For athletes and bodybuilders, the highest recommended dose is 240mg, although many men use far more without any noticeable side effects. To avoid complications, it is best to use as little as possible for the shortest period possible. Limit cycles to 16 weeks at the most, and take a break of equal length between these cycles.  

While Andriol for sale is a perfectly acceptable compound for treating low testosterone in men who generally need it, it also provides performance enhancement for men who cannot tolerate stronger compounds or who prefer safety to fast results.

  • “Although there are other popular steroids, I’ve consistently used Andriol to acheive and maintain a body I used to only see in magazines.” – Joseph Mendes, New Mexico

  • “I feel awesome whenever I’m on an Andriol cycle. My muscles appear tighter and fuller, my strength is up and my confidence is through the roof.” – Adrian Lauzon, New York

  • “I’m a rugby player and along with the rest of the team, always try to be as big and strong as I can be while staying athletic. Andriol helps me do that while not sacraficing cardio.” – Kevin Smith, Cardiff




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